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Our Services

Emerald Capital Funding serves to provide businesses with options for financial support they would not usually have. When banks and mainstream lending options are exhausted, Emerald Capital Funding is committed to helping businesses have the opportunity for growth and success.

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Real Estate Secured Business Loans

Use real estate you already own to access loans that will save you thousands compared to conventional loans. 


Term Loans

A term loan allows you to take advantage of opportunities quickly and easily, such as purchasing quick-turnaround inventory.


Lines Of Credit

With a line of credit, you won't need to apply for a new loan every time your business is in need of extra funds.


Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advances allow businesses with bad credit to apply for funding, even if with credit scores below 500.


Debt Consolidation

Consolidate to pay off and simplify existing debt by turning multiple payments into a single, and lower rate payment. 


Equipment Financing

Equipment is many businesses' biggest expense. Whether buying or leasing, we can help invest in your business.

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